Brandi Akey

Deseronto, ON

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Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty Content Creator

About Brandi Akey

Hey there! I'm Brandi, a 28-year-old content and UGC creator based in Ontario, Canada. I have been inspired by the world of fashion and beauty since as long as I can remember. I thrive on curating content that speaks volumes about elegance, uniqueness, and self-expression. From those perfect GRWM sessions to Reels that tell a story in every frame, I love transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. My feed is a visual feast, filled with aesthetically pleasing photos and videos that captivate the senses. My community is a diverse group of spirits, aged 20-35, who, like me, have a zest for life and a keen eye for beauty. Together, we celebrate individuality and showcase how fashion, beauty & lifestyle is a language that expresses our identities. As we dive into 2024, I'm gearing up for new adventures. My goal is to infuse more of my lifestyle, fashion, and voice into my content through captivating voiceovers. As well inspiring others through all of my curated videos and feed content. This journey is as dynamic as the creator behind it. Join me on this exciting venture, where every post is a brushstroke on the canvas of my life, and every video is a chapter in the book of my journey. my content isn't just a passion; it's my story waiting to be told!

Packages offered by Brandi Akey

1 x UGC Video


-Reel 15-30 sec clip show casing the product

1 x TikTok Social Media Post


-Unboxing of product. - Up close of the product