Careese Kwok

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30 year old, single female living in NY. Focused on Health, Wellness, Easy Asian Recipes, Single Lifestyle Content

About Careese Kwok

At 30, I'm embracing the single life in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. My interests span health, wellness, running, mixology, and exploring new restaurants. From high-protein Asian recipes to solo dates, running adventures, skincare, and weight loss, my content mirrors my diverse lifestyle. Join me in the kitchen for easy, healthy recipes, lace up your sneakers for running escapades, and shake things up with mixology magic. I'm on a weight loss journey and love sharing NYC's vibrant lifestyle. Open to brand collaborations, let's create engaging content that resonates and inspires positive change!

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tiktok video featuring your product! focus on health, wellness, high protein, and/or asian food products.