Tina Neville

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I’m a 52, a makeup artist, zumba & fitness instructor & style coach

About Tina Neville

I love making content to help & inspire people. I have alot of experience talking to camera, editing, taking great photos and writing scripts. I can speak to the Gen X audience as we have shared life experiences. I have 2 adults kids, one still at University, my parents (80) live in my home, I have a gorgeous border collie dog (he’s great on camera too 😊) I have a flexible schedule as a Zumba & Fitness instructor and makeup artist

Packages offered by Tina Neville

1 x UGC Video


1 x 30 sec scripted fully edited video Home locations Talking to camera (Revisions & refilming are extra $)

3 x Instagram Social Media Posts


3 photos for social posts - vertical & horizontal options Graphics added if needed Home locations

3 x UGC Videos


3 x 30 sec videos Fully edited & scripted Multiple locations Revisions & refilming is extra

1 x UGC Video


Script reads/voice overs Up to 3 mins New Zealand accent Can also do English/British accent

Tina Neville Videos