Jacob Groth

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Lifestyle Content Creator, Videographer, Influencer

About Jacob Groth

I grew my following as a videographer, I create content for a multitude of brands! From food, to music! I’ve worked with brands like Hilton, Jack In The Box, Happy Dad, Paramount, Youtube and more!!

Packages offered by Jacob Groth

1 x Instagram Social Media Post


- Instagram Reel - 1-3 Story Posts - Google Drive Link W/ Access to All Raw Files

1 x YouTube Social Media Post


- Youtube Short Post - Google Drive w/ Access to all files

1 x UGC Video


- Edited Vertical Video for TikTok, Reels and Youtube Shorts! - Google drive with access to all files

1 x TikTok Social Media Post


- TikTok Post - Google drive with access to all files