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About Maxwell Taylor

I'm a UK-based UGC content creator with a decade-long background in sales, marketing, and business development. From an early age, I've delved into video production, developing a profound passion for content creation. I have worked with distinguished brands like Top Gear, BOTB, Braun, and Cineworld. In addition to my role as a content creator, I am a videographer and marketer by day. This dual expertise uniquely positions me to understand and create compelling and visually stunning content that resonates with your audience. I have created many different UGC videos, some of the niches are below: * Fitness * Health and Beauty * Insurance/Sales * Review Style * Tech * Lifestyle Services I offer: * Brand promotional spokesperson videos * Short selfie content for TikTok and Instagram * Product unboxing and demonstration * UGC content with or without a product * UGC content showcasing your product * Review style videos * Professional voice over content I use the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max with professional lighting for shooting. Using my videography camera is an option, but it comes at a higher price. Feel free to ask questions or check out my previous work. Excited to potentially work with you!

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