Stephanie Hays

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I travel the world with my family and make videos.

About Stephanie Hays

Our story begins at a British pub in Shanghai in 2008, but has since taken us to over 75 countries, 20 of which we’ve visited with our four-year-old son, Hays, while traveling full-time for 18 months. We’ve always lived to travel, and that didn’t change when we had a kid. So now, we’re continuing to make travel a priority while raising a young son, and, frankly, not making a lot of compromises along the way. Our travel ethos is that we don’t have to lose our own travel interests and sense of adventure just because we’re parents, and we love to show other parents that not only is travel possible with children, but that it can exist beyond theme parks and all-inclusives. Sure, we do more kid things these days, but more often than not you’ll find us on an overnight train, in a crowded market, enjoying a contemporary museum (Hays’s favorite), or at a kid-friendly (yes, we believe there’s such a thing) brewery. That’s the long-story short, but the full version is well-documented on YouTube, so be sure to check us out over there.

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