Khushboo Punjabi

Edmonton, Alberta

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A fun, creative and highly enthusiastic content creator!

About Khushboo Punjabi

My name is Khushboo (Khushboo means fragrance 🌺) Punjabi and I LOVE to create content of all types. Home & lifestyle is my niche along with haircare and skincare. I have experience in ALL types. I have worked with Dove Canada, Vaseline Canada, Shea Moisture, Karrot and 20+ more brands and I can't wait to make your briefs come to life.

Packages offered by Khushboo Punjabi

1 x UGC Video


UGC Video Content (Can work with specific hooks, specific ingredient mentions, specific benefits, ASMR, get ready with me etc). - $150USD per video OR $300USD / 3 videos AND I will always include some fun photos with my package deal :)

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