brianna chavarria

Miami, FL

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I’m a full time 20 y/o UGC creator based in Miami, FL. Portfolio below!

About brianna chavarria

Hi brand! I’m a 20 year old full time UGC creator. I’m a niche-less creator with passions for beauty, health/wellness, fashion, hair care, tech and fitness! I’m able to create cat content, couple content, and spanish content. I take pride in giving my all to deliver captivating and relatable content that aligns with your brand’s marketing strategy. Aimed to not only grow your brand’s engagement, but to also build a community based on authenticity. This helps create the trust that your brand’s community needs in order to increase conversions. For reference, here's a link to my portfolio:

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1 UGC video, from 15-60 seconds.

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3 UGC videos, from 15-60 seconds.

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5 UGC videos, from 15-60 seconds.