Jessica Holladay

Clifton, Colorado

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Beauty & Health Content Creator

About Jessica Holladay

I’m Jessica Holladay, a 20 year old aspiring Tiktok Creator obsessed with all things beauty and health. I’m based out of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Packages offered by Jessica Holladay

1 x UGC Video


This may include but is not limited to: - unboxing - product review - aesthetic - testimonials - visual hook of product - showcase

5 x UGC Videos


This package will include 5 organic or ad videos, your brands choice. As well as scripted or no scripted, we will communicate to find the right thing for both of us!

3 x TikTok Social Media Posts


This package can include your brands desired outlook or given optional to me featuring your brands!

5 x TikTok Social Media Posts


This will include 5 professional UGC pictures of your product send right to your email! This can be organic ideas or ideas from brands!

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