Natalie Olson

Spokane, WA

Last active 9 days ago

I love helping brands by putting out eye catching and memorable content! Let’s work with each other!

About Natalie Olson

My name's Natalie, and I create awesome UGC content (think engaging product demos, engaging social media posts, that kind of thing). I've been at it for 2 years now, and I love helping brands like yours connect with their audience in a real way. My niche is mainly food/ baking. I also love beauty products and skincare! I am always down for a challenge though for things outside my niche. to hear more about your brand and what you envision for this project. I love specializing in short form and long form videos and even doing beautiful product photography! I am a digital marketing student who is Photoshop certified and have years experience in video editing. Let's work together!

Packages offered by Natalie Olson

1 x UGC Video


I can craft captivating short-form videos (30-60 seconds). My eye for detail & storytelling magic translate into engaging product demos, unboxings & how-to videos that resonate with viewers.