Violeta Paketova

Strumica, Strumica

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Hello !!! Excited to craft compelling narratives and elevate your brand’s online presence! I’m Violeta a UGC Creator, I bring six years of experience, artistic flair, and strategic social media marketing skills. Let’s explore synergies between artistry and marketing for a unique, impactful brand journey. Check out my portfolio: Looking forward to working with you 🫶🏼


I'm Violeta, a seasoned User Generated Content Creator with a passion for crafting captivating narratives. 📸✨ 🔍 With a robust background in the content creation realm since 2016, my journey has been a testament to the evolution of digital storytelling. As a single mom, my commitment to excellence is unwavering, mirroring the resilience required in both life and content creation. 🎓 Currently immersed in the world of Graphic Design studies, I bring a unique blend of artistic flair and strategic social media marketing skills to the table. My European roots infuse diversity and a fresh perspective into every project. 💼 Why choose me? I've successfully converted countless visitors into loyal customers through my ability to seamlessly blend creativity with marketing acumen. My track record is a testament to my proficiency in delivering high-quality content that resonates with diverse audiences. 🌐 Companies benefit from selecting me as their UGC creator because: * 1️⃣ Versatility: From graphic design finesse to social media marketing strategies, I offer a holistic skill set to elevate your brand's online presence. * 2️⃣ Experience: Over six years in the industry have equipped me with insights, trends, and an intuitive understanding of audience preferences. * 3️⃣ Engagement: My content not only attracts but also fosters meaningful engagement, fostering lasting connections with your target demographic. Ready to explore the synergies between artistry and marketing? ☁️ Let's collaborate for a unique, impactful brand journey!


1 x UGC Video


- Product Usage Video (15-30sec) - Timely Delivery : I understand the importance of deadlines. Rest assured, your content will be delivered promptly without compromising on quality.

2 x UGC Videos


Advanced UGC Package 60-120sec long video Strategic Planning using my 6+ years of experience in the content creation field. High Quality Production: making sure your UGC stands out in a crowded digital landscape because your brand deserves the best :)

2 x UGC Videos


Exclusive Offer: Gain access to my comprehensive course on graphic design and digital marketing, providing additional insights into maximizing the impact of your content. - Product Usage Video -Product Photography -Script and Editing done by me