Juan Marquez

Bronx, NY

Last active about 2 months ago

Maximalist Home Decor & DIYs!!

About Juan Marquez

I'm a maximalist interior content creator living in NYC. My content style is very much if your best friend was on facetime showing you their latest maximalist projects. My content buckets array from DIY, how to, in the moment "facetimes", silly product reviews and more! I'm a first-generation American with my family roots being from El Salvador. I infuse my Latinx perspective into the vibrant world of maximalist interiors on TikTok, making my content as accessible as possible so that anyone can create the maximalist home of their dreams. Maximalism for the divas!

Packages offered by Juan Marquez

1 x TikTok Social Media Post


Bring your brand to my maximalist world with a dedicated in feed TikTok post! I BRING it with every single partnership I add to my home, giving you the full maximalist fantasy!

1 x UGC Video


UGC video featuring your products in my apartment!