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Find the best UGC creators, influencers and content creators to create content for your brand. Search and hire creators to work with and grow your brand with through user generated content.

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Vidovo is the best place for UGC Creator Jobs

You're looking for the best UGC creators. We're building the best platform. Here's why you should use Vidovo. Lets checkout some of the awesome features.

Share Your Campaign

The job is published to our network of talented ugc creators and influencers. Creators can apply directly on the platform or by a custom link to your campaign.

The apply page. This is where creators can apply to jobs.

Easy-To-Use UGC Platform

Our platform makes it easy to create a job/campaign and publish it to our talent network. Select from a variety of options to customize your campaign so you can find the best creative talent.

The create a campaign page. This is where you can create a campaign and publish it to our talent network.

Quick Approval Process

Once creators have applied, you can review their profiles, chat about requirements, and approve the best creators for your campaign.

The approval process page. This is where you can review creators and chat with them.