Jun 3, 2023
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Elijah Khasabo

Going Viral in 2023 with User Generated Content: The Power of Frequency and Authenticity

Going viral in 2023 through user generated content

In today's digital landscape, going viral isn't just a chance event. It's a calculated phenomenon, a result of your brand's strategic planning, understanding the latest trends, and above all, authenticity. A single post can take a brand from obscurity to an overnight success. We've found two simple ingredients that make this surprisingly simple: frequency of posts and the leverage of quality user-generated content (UGC).

Playing the Numbers Game ☝️

First... lets debunk a common myth: not every piece of content a brand produces has to, or will, go viral. Going viral isn't a game won by batting a thousand; it's more like a well-orchestrated symphony where each note contributes to the final masterpiece.

In digital marketing, the quantity of content can be just as important as quality. Every post won't go viral, but each post plays a key role in increasing brand exposure, growing audience engagement, and incrementally building up your online presence. You can think of your brand's content strategy as a pitcher's mound in baseball. If you have 30 balls (posts), you don't need each one to be a strike. One solid hit could mean a home run, and that's all it takes to change the game. This is why a steady stream of content is super important on your brands journey to growth and virality.

Good tiktok view results from consistent ugc posting

One of our clients regularly shares user generated content on their platform with great success. While not every post hits viral status, a combination of high quality content and regular posting has driven amazing growth for their brand.

The Power of User Generated Content and Going Viral

Another key ingredient to making your brand go viral is quality content. High post frequency alone wont boost you to the top. The content must resonate and engage with your audience in a way that compels them to share and interact with your brand. This is where User Generated Content (UGC) can play a huge role in your online success.

User generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool where creators tell a real story about your brand or product. Real people - with authentic interactions, emotion and an experience become the storyteller of your brand. It creates a sense of relatability that can't be replicated through overly scripted content or traditional advertising-style videos. And the numbers speak for themselves, 92% of customers trust the reviews and recommendations shared by people, rather than advertisements.

Using UGC will significantly increase your engagement rates and keep your audience watching for longer. (And we all know the tiktok algorithms love this ❤️). When users see real people, they connect on a deeper level, which leads to more shares, more interaction, and a higher chance of going viral for your brand.

Being Authentic with your Users

The increased engagement with UGC is rooted in being authentic. Brands that embrace this marketing strategy are willing to open up and share authentic experiences with their customers. Not overly dramatized traditional advertising that consumers have to think twice about. Showing some vulnerability resonates with audiences who end up investing in brands they believe in.

The secret sauce to viral success is the fusion of both quantity and quality. Regular content posting backed by the authenticity of user generated content.

Going viral isn't the result of a single, perfect post. It's an result of frequent and relatable content that strikes an emotional response from the viewer. So make those 30 posts, and make each one of them count. Use real people, share real stories, and get real connections with your brand. Your audience is waiting to be part of your journey.

It Only Takes One - The Huge Impact of a Single Viral Post 🎯

Imagine this for your brand. This is a real scenario that happens daily: A single post from your brand goes viral, reaching hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of users on TikTok. Each user with peaked interest from the content, explores more about your brand. They visit your website, checkout your social media accounts. And then they click your profile and watch some more of your posts. A fraction of these users, convinced by the genuine and authentic content your brand presents, decides to purchase your products or service. Even if only a small percentage of those reached by your viral post convert - the sales volume could still be in the thousands, and many times its much more!

Let's take a real world example. A client we had the privilege to work with - an online jewelry brand - had contacted us to make UGC videos for their brand. They started posting the videos we created. It wasn't overnight, but one post – an real video of our creator showing off their product – went viral.

This video got shared and bookmarked countless times, and reached hundreds of thousands of users. It connected with people emotionally, creating a positive association with the brand. As a result, the website experienced a massive influx of traffic, and the brand saw a large spike in their sales. They didn't just earn revenue; they earned loyal customers and brand advocates that will continue engaging and shopping with them.

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