Mar 6, 2024
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Koba Molenaar

Getting Started With UGC: Female Creators Share Their Advice

With the arrival of March, comes a new season and an opportunity for changing things up. It also marks International Women’s Day — an important date on the calendar to commend contributions and collectively commit to changing inequality.  

To help celebrate and empower Vidovo’s network of female creators, we asked three of our content creators to share their top tips. Whether you’re eager for a career change or you’re a brand looking to leverage a different marketing strategy, there’s no time like a new season at the beginning of a year to usher in change.   

Advice for Content Creators

Join an influencer marketing platform

As International Women’s Day reminds us, you can’t do it on your own. Merlina Azul, a beauty, wellness, and lifestyle content creator who’s worked with brands like WONDERSKIN, Londontown, and Strype Wellness, is all for joining a community and using the tools available. 

Passionate about self care, her advice to aspiring influencers is to take proactive steps and simply put yourself out there. 

She suggests, “Register on influencer marketing platforms, reach out to brands via email, and make your presence known. Visibility is crucial as a creator and influencer!” 

And, she follows her own advice. She joined Vidovo where she sells custom UGC videos for channels like Instagram and social media posts for TikTok. 

Don't forget to look into joining a user generated content agency which can also provide you with the tools and community support to elevate your content.

Stay authentic

One of the main reasons why user-generated content (UGC) is so effective at cutting through the noise is because of its authenticity. In 2024, influencer marketing trends predict that authenticity will be the watchword. You need to be genuinely excited about the brand and product. 

This is also Cassandre Bleu’s top tip to fellow female creators. She’s been creating content for over four years during which she’s collaborated with global brands like Centrum. 

“Stay authentic to yourself and show your true personality. Brands love to work with people who are engaging and have that sense of uniqueness.” 

This approach helps her to generate 40,000 views per TikTok video on average, which is no mean feat.  

Creating a UGC style video involves showcasing your genuine reactions and experiences with the product, enhancing authenticity.

Advice for Brands

Create room for flexibility

Gina Nacnac, a video creator who focuses on personal growth, encourages brands to allow creators to apply their creative genius. She’s also worked as an influencer marketing manager and a social strategist, giving her first-hand insight into managing influencer relationships. 

Her advice is that brands should be less prescriptive about the video. Creators only need a few guidelines and key points. 

“They know what works best. That’s what got them this far!”

On TikTok, Gina has built a following of over 15,000. Even more impressive is that her videos have generated hundreds of thousands of likes, proof that she knows what type of content works best. 

However, if the campaign requires that you should be very prescriptive about the content that should be included, her suggestion is that the brand creates an additional deliverable. This way, the creator can still create their own version which can be used in an A/B test. It’s a win-win solution that keeps both brand and creator happy. 


Our platform is dedicated to empowering female content creators, offering them a platform to share their insights and grow their influence. By embracing a range of UGC videos, from lifestyle videos to health & wellness journeys, creators can showcase their authenticity and versatility.

In addition, partnerships with brands through micro influencer marketing platforms can open up new opportunities for engagement and growth. Whether it's producing impactful UGC video ads or using influencer marketing databases, the aim is to create a dynamic environment where UGC creators & influencers can thrive.

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