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Song Mashup & short form sketch creator

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I make "song mashups", where the Instrumental track of one song is used in conjunction with the vocal track of one or more other songs. I am passionate about music, music trends, electronic dance music (EDM), music production & more. My audience is more male dominated, but a fairly even blend of male & female. Age 25-34 is my most active age group, followed by 18-24

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2 x UGC Videos


I will create two short-form social media ads tailored to YOUR audience! Excellent for: - A|B testing: Try a couple different ways of delivering the message. - Two-platform campaign: One Instagram ad and one for TikTok (or any platform of your choosing)

2 x UGC Videos


Two short-form social media ads! 🗣️ Flexibility at a great rate 🤝 This is perfect for: A|B testing [I will deliver the message two ways for 1 platform] | Two-platform campaign [One Instagram ad and one for TikTok (or any platform of your choosing)]

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