Alyssa Luckey

Madison, WI

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Chaotic and Authentic Lifestyle Creator

About Alyssa Luckey

I am a small nanoinfluencer passionate about injecting authenticity into the lifestyle scene. My content is a lively mix of chaotic, real-life moments and adventures, often featuring my adorable pets. I take pride in capturing the unfiltered, spontaneous side of life, embracing the beautiful mess that comes with it. Join me on this whimsical journey, where each post is a genuine reflection of my unique lifestyle. From candid chaos to moments of pure joy, I invite you to explore and celebrate the vibrant, unscripted narrative that defines my world. Let's dive into the wonderfully unpredictable together!

Packages offered by Alyssa Luckey

1 x TikTok Social Media Post


Dynamic Bundle! 1 Promotional Video and 1 TikTok Story

1 x TikTok Social Media Post


Routine Package Regular Tik Tok Posts (Story and Feed e.g. 3 per week)

1 x Instagram Social Media Post


Insta Essentials Package 1 single photo post 1 Instragram story mention

1 x Instagram Social Media Post


Content Creator combo 1 carousel post with 3-5 images 1 Instagram story mention

1 x Instagram Social Media Post


Monthly Social Splash Regular Instagram posts (e.g. 2 per week) Story mentions throughout the month Sponsored Reel

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