Nov 7, 2023
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Four Trends Expected to Shape UGC in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) dominated the headlines in 2023. Nearly every second marketing tool added some type of AI-powered feature to its list, not to mention all the full-fledged AI marketing tools like Jasper and ChatGPT.  

By the look of things, the AI race and adoption is set to continue in 2024. But what else?

Which other technology, platforms, and consumer preferences will shape how we create and consume content? Here’s a quick dive into four trends that are expected to impact user-generated content (UGC) specifically.

AI Will Play a Key Role in the Winning Formula

Moving forward, AI will start to be applied more for UGC. While UGC and AI are virtually polar opposites, increasingly more content creators and marketing teams will start to embrace AI in the content creation process. 

And, it won’t be at the expense of quality or the very essence of UGC — authenticity. In fact, when used correctly and for the right reason, AI will help to create higher quality content. 

LinkedIn and TikTok Will be the Places to Post

No surprise here, TikTok will still have a tick next to its name in 2024. It’s showing no sign of slowing down, at least for now. What might come as a surprise, though, is that LinkedIn will also be one of the leading platforms next year. This is what the visionaries at Semrush predict in their Social Media Trends Report 2024. What do these two platforms have in common, you wonder. Their ability to engage. Aside from encouraging community engagement, more and more CEOs are taking to LinkedIn to share content on their profiles. In some cases, their own personal LinkedIn profiles might even supersede the company’s page. And, it’s not just top management, but also employees. This makes it a great platform to source employee-generated content too. Basically, LinkedIn is no longer reserved for strictly business. Instead, expect to see more and more content that incorporates storytelling.

Full St(r)eam Ahead for Video Content

Consumers can’t get enough of video. It’s accessible. It’s engaging. It’s entertaining. What more can you want? But it does have even more to offer. For example, consumers pay much better attention to videos than text-based formats like emails, blog posts, or even infographics. From short-form videos to video testimonials, videos are also versatile. In 2024, you can also expect to see a lot more live streaming.

Expect to See an Interactive Element 

Brands are starting to value engagement more than follower counts. One way that they’ll encourage engagement is by creating and sharing more interactive content. For example, a video that includes a poll or an Instagram post with a link to a quick quiz. 

Basically, you’re searching for any way that you can encourage viewers to join in the conversation. After all, for UGC to be effective it needs to be relatable. One of the easiest ways to show viewers that they can relate to the content is to ask them for their input and invite them to be part of the story by sharing their own take on it.

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