Marco Meloni

Monza, Italy

Last active 5 months ago

Male Italian UGC Creator in different niches

About Marco Meloni

I'm Marco, I'm 25 and I'm an italian UGC creator and I can fluently speak English and spanish as well. I can shoot professional content both on dslr camera or iPhone, that's up to you preference. I love to shoot different formats and products as long as I enjoy the challenge I have in front of me. I don't have a specific niche since I like to range from one topic to another without limits. I already shot some content for apps, tech products, skincare routines, travel content, pets content, men essentials products etc etc. I an always add some italian humor and theatricality to your content or follow a specific script. Contact me and see how Italians do it!

Packages offered by Marco Meloni

1 x UGC Video


I'll shoot a ugc video, following a script. You choose the setting, the mood etc.

3 x UGC Videos


I'll shoot 3 ugc video, you an choose between 3 different formats, 3 different hooks for the same video etc etc.

5 x UGC Videos


Shooting of 5 videos, they can be 5 different versions of the same video or 5 completely different videos.

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