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Gen X UGC | 🇨🇦 Content Creator | My Specialty is Reaching the Customers the 20 & 30-year-olds can't

About Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

As a passionate UGC creator, I bring a blend of technical finesse and creative flair to every project. With a broad appeal cutting across industries, I pride myself on being a versatile content creator. Unconstrained by niche, I embrace experimentation in UGC formats, styles, and techniques, ensuring a constant flow of engaging and diverse content. 🚀 Ready for a content revolution? Let's infuse your brand with authenticity and captivate your audience. Every moment counts in the dynamic world of UGC, so let's make your brand stand out. Connect with me to explore how my UGC expertise can elevate your brand and drive engagement. Let's connect 👇👇👇 Email:

Packages offered by Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

4 x UGC Videos


TESTING A/B PACKAGE - $350 ($87/Video) Includes: 15-60 sec UGC Video, 4 fully edited videos, 60 day usage x2 Hooks, x2 CTA’s & x1 Body

1 x UGC Video


Single Organic UGC Video (15 - 60 Seconds) Unlimited usage rights 1 edit or revision per video

1 x UGC Video


Single Paid AD (15 - 60 Seconds) Usage Rights 1 Month 1 edit or revision per video

1 x UGC Video


STARTER BUNDLE- $400 ($66/Video) Includes: RAW footage to create 6 ad variations, unlimited usage rights. NO fully edited videos x3 Hooks, x1 Body & x2 CTA’s

3 x UGC Videos


3x Organic UGC Video (15 - 60 Seconds) - 15% discount Unlimited usage rights. 1 edit or revision per video

5 x UGC Videos


ADS BUNDLE - $750 ( $46/Video) 15-60 sec UGC Video, 16 fully edited, unique videos, 60 day usage x4 hooks, x2 bodies & 2 CTA’s

1 x UGC Video


CRUSHING IT: CAPCUT TEMPLATES - $100 Includes: 15-60 sec UGC video using a CapCut Template. Limited or no editing included in this package.

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