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Hi, I’m Christiana and I’m a UGC creator who has also previously been a cannabis video reviewer and vlogger, starting on YouTube in April of 2018, with around 9 thousand subscribers on that platform currently. (May not seem like a large number but for a page that's restricted to 18+ age viewers, plus the nature of the content I believe that's pretty good). The followers I do have, tend to comment frequently and positively specifically about the way I edit my videos (I think they like the creative quick cuts plus the music selection). I also do voiceovers in a way that I think resonates sometimes. While plant medicine is what I have focused on posting for some time, I also have capabilities to create content about products in the fashion, beauty and personal care categories. I’m looking to branch out and gain experience while helping brands by providing my authentic voice and my visual recording capabilities. I film and edit everything myself - there are about 1-2 exceptions to this on my YouTube shorts, where I had a virtual assistant edit those, but 100% of everything else you see on my YT as well as everything on my Instagram is completely self produced. You may notice there is some variety to the style of my videos, as well as the text on them! The videos on this page are just a taste of my recent creative content. I like creative freedom to try new things with videos, however I can also follow creative direction when it is given to me. Sometimes, I will add certain details for more engagement or reach (sillier/more casual/gen z style wording, even though I know how to use proper English!), other times I will do things to help create a certain mood in the video, but 100% of the time I feel that lighting and visual clarity are some of the most important factors to my videos. For a glimpse into my other content please check out my IG @cannachristiana, for long form you may check out @floridacannabisreviews/ cannachristiana on YouTube. Disclaimer about my recent content - from December 2023 to end of March 2024 I went through a changing period in life after the abrupt end of a long term relationship, and the content I had been making went through a shift as well while I balanced working full time hours at a day job while doing content "on the side" in whatever extra time I had in the day.. while the resulting content is in my opinion not the highest quality that I'm capable of producing, this "low" period in life gave me the chance to push myself to create "decent quality" content in shorter timeframes. The perfectionist in me didn't like that but it showed me that I'm capable of doing a lot even on a time crunch. In April of 2024, the content side of things is a much larger priority since I have been working to make videos my life and career again. So please know that the best is yet to come! Quality over everything. I also have a personal website I am working on to utilize as a portfolio and record of my work, so that is coming soon as well!

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